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I have been teaching guitar professionally since 1984 when I was going to college. I graduated from USU with my Bachelors of Music in Guitar Performance with a emphasis on Guitar Pedagogy. Since I moved to St. George I have been the Adjunct Professor of Guitar Studies at Dixie State College.

I have taught many students who have had much success in music, getting scholarships and degrees from universities and working as professional musicians, some signing with major labels and touring nationally. Some of the more notable ones are: Barry Brooksby, studio musician and recording artist, Meg and Dia Frampton, of Meg and Dia, and Ryan Tilby who has played and toured with the Ryan Shupe Band.


If you are interested in taking guitar lessons from me, here is my teaching philosophy and information you need to know:

I love to teach and to see a student progress. I believe music blesses the students life and the students family and friends. I am honored to be a part of this.


If you are interested in lessons please contact me at:

PHONE:  435.619.5193

or send me an email by simply filling in the information below:

Success! Message received. We will respond to your resquest shortly.


  • Lessons are $84/month for half hour lessons. Hour lessons are available and recommended for advanced and dedicated students.

  • Skype lessons are $25/ half hour or $45/hour.

  • I teach beginning to advanced students. Beginning students can be the most difficult to teach, and this is a critical time to get a qualified teacher. I prepare my more advanced students to work professionally.

  • I teach most styles from rock to jazz to classical with a heavy emphasis on composition and improvisation. My students learn their scales and how to apply those scales to music. I also teach chord progressions and construction.

  • I teach weekdays at my own studio in St. George, UT.

  • I teach all my students theory and to read music. I believe this is an important aspect of music education. Some teachers just teach their students songs, and this works well for some students, but interested students need to know that they will learn to read music if they study under me.

  • By stressing the fundamentals I reach one of my goals, which is to teach the student to teach themselves, which allows them to progress as a player as long as they have a desire.

  • One of the most valuable skills I teach students is how to properly practice. I work with them so they experience practice methods and see the results.

  • I believe that structure is a key to success. I structure my lessons so that one concept or technique leads into the next so there is always progression. I also structure each individual lesson: First we warm up with technique exercises, then work on learning notes and music reading, and then the song or concept we are working on at the time.

  • What sets me apart from other teachers, thanks to my training in pedagogy and my experience, is my ability to asses the strengths and weaknesses of the student and build a program that will help the student progress, building on the students success and increasing confidence.










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