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Lisle Crowley is one of the most accomplished and experienced musicians and guitar instructors in the western United States. Lisle plays with notable groups like The Lawn Darts (who have opened for Styx, Kansas, and the Beach Boys), Southern Exposure Jazz Combo, High Desert Duo, Acoustic O2, plus critically acclaimed solo guitar. He is an Adjunct Professor of Guitar Studies for Dixie State College since 1987 and has his own successful teaching studio. He has written over a dozen fingerstyle guitar books for music publishers like Hal Leonard and Mel Bay.  His guitar school has trained hundreds of music lovers from eager kids to skilled adults and prominent professionals. 



“The greatest thing about the time I spent studying with Lisle was the sheer applicability of everything he taught – he was able to teach heavy musical concepts in a way that they worked their way right into my playing. Translating knowledge and technique into playing and performing, that’s some trick and Lisle’s got it down.”

~Ryan Tilby


“Lisle Crowley takes us through a melodic and harmonic workout on the Scottish tune, Ye Banks and Braes. His beautiful treatment of the piece will satisfy both the beginner and the more advanced player.”

~Tom Gannaway, Editor of Fingerstyle Guitar


” I started my music career with the solid foundation Lisle Crowley gave me several years ago, and when I returned home after all that time of professional touring, he is the only teacher I trusted to take me to the next level. He is patient and has an organized and challenging teaching style. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for a guitar teacher if you are a dedicated student.”

~Meg Frampton, Meg and Dia

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